Mom Thought...Video Game Screen Time

My house has never really been strict on screen time since it wasn't really an issue pre pandemic. With all the homework my son was bringing home and his daily chores, there was not more than a couple hours a day to play his game. During the pandemic things changed, with virtual school opening up more time in the day for him to jump on during his lunch and classes ending early and not all that much homework being assigned. 

For awhile I was conflicted on if I was making the right parent move of not limiting his screen time on his xbox and PC. On one hand it sounds like the right thing to do because medical professionals recommend  it and having your kid in their room all day for hours on end staring at a screen seems like they are doing nothing with their lives. On the other hand, we are living in a different world than when I grew up (90's), online socializing is the norm and if he handles his homework, chores and spends time with his siblings why take away the way he socializes with friends?

When I have had him get off the game, he asks what do I want him to do other than read a book and I really don't have any suggestions for him. Now, I have my own opinions on teens and social media accounts and we do have restrictions on that but, if what he and his friends enjoy doing together is playing video game in organized groups to beat the other team, that's a good thing I think. I see him learning how to work as a team, he tends to take lead so he is gaining leadership skills, as well as building communication skills, organization skills, and analytical skills.  These are all skills that he can take with him when het gets his first job or is assigned a group assignment in school. 

I don't know, maybe my view will change with him now entering into high school. We shall see, well that my Mom Thought for this week, hope you enjoy.

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