Best Summer Products

This has been my three and one year old's favorite thing to play on this summer. We add some soap to make bubbles and they wash their toys in it. Even us parents  can  up a chair and keep cool with our feet in the water!

This water table fun to use during the summer with water and when it is colder we use it with Kinect sand. My daughter loves using her fishing toys in this.

This bounce house can be used all year round but we add this to our backyard set up with our water toys.

Our three year old loves crusing around the yard in her Frozen Ride On car and our one year just got a Truck with parent remote control! We love these!

Sunblock is an essential and these sticks help with applying to our little ones face. My daughter likes doing it her self.

This battery fan that can attach to basically anything has been very useful when out and about with the little ones.