Potty Training Struggle

Mom Thoughts....Potty Training Struggle

With my first, potty training was no thing. He was 2.5 years old and we did it in three days. Other than some nighttime accidents there were no major issues. My experience with my daughter has been the opposite. She is three now and the mention of the potty makes her mad. She doesn't want to go in the potty. We have tried all the tricks from positive encouragement, rewards, stickers, different potty's, to offering marshmallows (her favorite) but she is not about it. 

My thought is that when her baby brother was born and she saw this new baby getting all this attention she reverted and wants to still be seen as the little baby. Now, don't worry she gets an immense amount of attention from her dad and I. She is the only daughter and the first granddaughter so she gets lots of love from us all. Right before her brother was born she started showing signs that she was ready to potty train. those signs were asking us to change her right after she would wet her diaper, letting us know that she needed to go poop and then letting us know right away after, she wanted to help clean up herself with wiping and when we talked about the big potty she was excited but didn't yet want to sit on the potty.  

I worry about being too forceful with the training and it being a negative experience. I have read that sometimes kids can have more be wetting issues if they have stressful experiences with potty training. I plan on taking all the diapers away this weekend and giving it another shot, she has been talking about Santa a lot lately so maybe I can use that to my benefit lol. I'll post an update later, wish me luck.